Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Income for Internet - Earning from Home

I know many of us are searching for Part Time jobs to earn some extra Income...Many of us have system (PC) at home & have Internet connection too...And we could have tried about some part time Income from internet..

Can we earn from Internet ??

is the question arising from many of us.

The answer is YES!!!...

Do u know billions of money is rolling over internet..

Stastics says that above 30% of the products bought by americans are through Online..

Credit card or Paypal account favours the online transaction....

You may ask that to earn money in Internet, Do we need a Credit card?

The answer is NO!..

You may ask about the nature of job & how we could get the payment??

Regarding the payment type, you may opt for a Cheque or direct payment to your bank account or payment to Paypal account ..

In case of paypal,You can Buy any products online or you can request for Cash transfer into Bank account..

Regarding the nature of Job, You will be working as an 1.affliate marketer (Dont worry, you wont be marketing from door to door.. You will be marketing through the Internet.)

2.Advertiser - You will be advertising for other companies in Internet.. You will paid for every viewer, who see the Ads of the company..(No problem whether the person buys the product or not).. You will be supplied Ads from major companies Like Google, Bidvertiser, Adbrite,Ads for Indians....

3.Online Survey: You will be taking online survey, where you will be giving your opinion about any Product, organisation or any general critera.The survey takes about 15 minutes . you will be Rewarded points based on the survey.Survey points ranges from 2 to 5.

1 Survey Point = Rs.20

You can withdraw the points in terms of Cash or any Gifts.. Withdrawal is feasible above earning 50 survey points..

Looking For Data Entry Jobs - Top 5 Strategies to Get the Most Rewarding Home Based Data Entry Jobs

The penetration of internet has given a boost to home based data entry jobs market. As many people are realising that you do not need to be an Einstein to find these jobs, this industry is becoming remarkably competitive. However for a competitive edge you need to be innovative to stand out in this field.

1) Everyone who is venturing into this field must adopt certain strategies to find the best jobs available online. Unfortunately many people who opt for home based data entry jobs with high hopes of making decent money are often caught in some kind of scam. So it is essential that you do enough research about the job and the organization and trust only the reliable sources.

2) Moreover you should also go through the terms and conditions before accepting any kind of work. Every freelance website has certain terms that you need to accept before you join in. So it is imperative that you check out all such clauses.

3) Following the rules will take you a long way. You need to follow them to build credibility and reputation. In case you are into writing content, avoid plagiarism as it can tarnish your image as well as your prospects in these jobs.

4) There are a number of forums dedicated to the providers and buyers of these home based data entry jobs. You must join these forums and communities so that you get a broader picture of the situation. Moreover you can also get links to the reputed organizations. Active participation in these forums will definitely benefit you in the long run.

5) Do not get tempted by alluring promises that this field makes. Spend some time identifying your skills and demand situation. Analyse what other applicants are bidding and what skills do they have. Try contacting the clients personally, as relationship building works wonders. Learn the proper way to approach a client and submit your bid. It may seem a sheer waste of time and effort, but in the long run it will benefit you the most. Do not take up jobs that pay you decently but are not in consonance with your skill set.

Once you are experienced enough, do not hesitate to experiment with the diverse array of online data entry jobs. It will not only widen your area of expertise but also your working abilities. So always formulate a clearly defined strategy before venturing into any kind of home based data entry job.


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